Active casings for transferring colour/aroma and smoke flavour

Multilayer tubular casings made from inedible polymers with a “zero weight loss” barrier effect, and an internal coating designed to release colour, aroma and smoke flavour.
Available in shirred sticks or bound sheets (to size) in sizes ranging from 37mm to 200mm
Ideal for cooked sausages, semi-processed industrial food products, fish (fish carpaccio for slicing), and stretched cheese.


  • Uniform plate width, uniform size
  • Uniform thickness
  • Can be shirred, can be bound in pieces (to size)
  • Available with various internal coatings for the release of colour/smoke flavour/aroma
  • Ready to use
  • For application to cooked products with the transfer of the coating via processing


  • Optimises costs
  • Eliminates the need for colouring and smoking processes
  • No drop in yield: the unique structure of the product helps to maintain the structure of the finished product
  • Optimises the use of raw materials and additives
  • “Easy” opening for easier peeling

Uniform transfer of colour and smoke flavour

  • Regular product quality
  • Optimum presentation of the finished product

Natural development of skin

  • Less waste during slicing
  • Heightened “appetising” appearance

Uniformity of the finished product

  • Controlled size (slicing)
  • Uniform transfer (smoke flavour-colour)
  • Quality (taste/appearance)
  • Increased shelf-life


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