Special single-layer tubular casings

Polyamide materials that are totally impermeable to smoke and steam. Generally used for products demanding a cylindrical shape or other format (using special moulds in the latter case), such as:

  • in the meat industry: cooked products that do not require smoking (“Lyoner” sausage and variations, pâté, ham cooked in moulds and regenerated, and mortadella)
  • for stretched processed cheeses
  • for the production of organic and wholemeal food products
  • for semi-processed food products, and when a specific product shape is required in general (sliced cooked sausages, meat or other stuffing for pasta manufacturers, processed cheese, stuffing for pasta, maize polenta, gnocchi alla romana, lard etc)
  • for industrial use in-house (when the tubular casing is used during production before being removed).

They offer the following benefits:

  • low cost (vital for the semi-processed foods industry)
  • extremely easy to use
  • strength
  • retaining diameter

They are available in various sizes, thicknesses, colours, package types and printed in up to 6 colours.

They meet all European legal standards for materials coming into contact with foodstuffs.


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