Edible collagen casings

Edible collagen casings are a naturally occurring material that is practically sterile and is made by extraction from the skins of cattle.

Available in straight versions in sizes ranging from 13mm to 45mm, or curved versions in sizes ranging from 20mm to 45mm.
The casings are ready to use (no soaking required), already shirred into a stick in various lengths to meet the customer’s specific needs (such as the number of pieces or the final weight determined by the length of the stick).

They meet all European standards for foodstuffs.

They are ideal for manufacturers of fresh sausage (such as “luganiga”) frankfurter sausages, mini salamis and meat snacks.

These casings offer the following benefits:
  • optimum adaptation to the use of machinery (the finished product is always consistent in terms of its diameter and firmness)
  • superior productivity and profitability (less downtime; increased filling and production speed compared to natural casings)
  • lower labour costs(fewer manual workers required)
  • optimum presentation of the finished product thanks to the uniformity of the casing

Edible collagen Film

Collagen film is a very thin layer of collagen supplied in rolls of various lengths or in sheets pre-cut to size.

Collagen film can be used:
  • with hand-operated applicator systems
  • with an automated applicator for faster manufacturing (can be used with any continuous filling machine)
  • with standard press-filling machines available on the market
  • with press-filling machines for collagen
The film is available in two colours:
  • neutral(standard) for traditional products (hams and roast meats packed in netting, including stuffed products, smoked meat and “bresaola”)
  • coloured, for use when the colour of the finished product needs to be modified or intensified.
This offers the following benefits:
  • the netting can be taken off the product readily and rapidly (no waste, tearing or time wasted)
  • less product weight loss (retaining more succulence)
  • excellent product presentation(uniform colour and siz


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