An extremely extensive range of edible and unedible casings and film

Since 1984 we have been at the service of the food industry, supplying any type of packaging material in direct food contact (casings) where it is necessary to give a specific shape (not necessarily cylindrical) to the food.

Our food-contact materials range cover collagen (edible casings or film or non-edible casings), plastic (single-layer and multi-layers, shrinkable and non-shrinkable),fibrous, textile, cellulosic and active casings with colour and/or aroma release on the final product.


Our company’s main strengths

Depending on the type of food, plant, technological and functional requirements (type of seasoning, cooking, drying, peeling, degree of edibility, aesthetics, shelf-life) and packaging, we are able to provide targeted assistance and the best casing.

Based on our long-time experience and our technical and technological know-how, at HS we prepare and offer the best “outfit” for your food.

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We are BRCGS issue 6 certified since 2006

We are BRCGS issue 6 certified since 2006 and are able to support all our materials with strict legal and documentary control.

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