Special multilayer tubular casings

Casings made from special polymers (three or five layers) made up into a permeable or impermeable tubular format.

Special tubular casings are available for smoking.

Available in size 50 to size 120, coloured, shirred, clipped or tied to size, in rolls or skeins, with the option of printing in up to 6 colours.

They differ to single layer tubular casings on account of the following specifications:

  • shrinking capacity
  • superior mechanical resistance and optimum adaptation to the use of machinery
  • no weight loss
  • maximum conservation of the product even without vacuum packing with the special opaque version
  • can be sterilized
  • casing peels away perfectly
  • glossy casing

They meet all European legal standards for materials coming into contact with foodstuffs.

01 tubolari speciali multistrato
03 tubolari speciali multistrato
04 tubolari speciali multistrato
05 tubolari speciali multistrato
06 tubolari speciali multistrato