> Non edible collagen casings

Ideal for the production of uncooked salami-type sausages (moulded, a typical Italian product, or washed), semi-cured and boiled, available in straight versions in sizes ranging from 28mm to 140mm, and in curved versions in sizes ranging from 38mm to 52mm.

They meet all European legal standards for materials coming into contact with foodstuffs.

According to customer’s specific needs, they can be supplied in different ways :

  • in pieces pre-tied in various lengths ready for use with the option of customised binding (eyelet colour on request, all colours available)
  • shirred for continuous clipping machines (standard stick length, or on request)
  • in pieces clipped to size
  • in skeins or rolls
  • sewn in any shape

These casings offer the following benefits:

  • no stretch marks on the surface of the casing and perfectly uniform colour when cut
  • rapid execution
  • uniform material (no holes and uniform size)


> Textile casings

Materials made using a textile base and an acrylic coating, in a cylindrical shape, available in sizes ranging from 43mm to 120mm in various lengths and shapes
The standard range of colours includes cream, yellow, brown, black and “mottled” prints. Other colours are available on request.
The casing can be printed (including logos) in up to 6 colours with excellent results. Casings printed with special subjects are always in stock, such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. Excellent for raw or cooked products.
They meet all European standards for foodstuffs.


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