We have been working for the food industry since 1985, specialising in supplies to sausage manufacturers with an extremely extensive range of edible and inedible collagen casings and film.

Our collagen product range is enhanced by our selection of single-layer and multilayer plastic tubular casings, shrinkable and non, textile casings, fibrous casings and active casings that transfer colour and aroma to the finished product.

This strategy has helped us expand our customer base to include manufacturers of fish-based products, confectionary, cheese products, stretched cheeses, flours, polenta maize meal, and pet food.

Based on the experience we have gained over the years and our specialised technical know-how, the team at HS is able to make the very best "jacket" for the customer’s requirements and to cater for various aspects during production (plant demands, technology-related issues) or the actual product (curing, cooking, drying, peeling, edibility requirements, appearance, shelf-life without overlapping and/or changes in the end product).

One of our company’s main strengths is our exceptional flexibility that we can guarantee with the processing methods we use to make our inedible casings (food contact packaging). We have been BRC certified for the last 10 years and currently are using version 5.

All our materials are supported by stringent legal and documentary controls.