> Edible collagen casings and film

Edible collagen casings are a naturally occurring material that is practically sterile and is made by extraction from the skins of cattle.

Available in straight versions in sizes ranging from 13mm to 45mm, or curved versions in sizes ranging from 20mm to 45mm.
The casings are ready to use (no soaking required), already shirred into a stick in various lengths to meet the customer’s specific needs (such as the number of pieces or the final weight determined by the length of the stick). They meet all European standards for foodstuffs. They are ideal for manufacturers of fresh sausage (such as “luganiga”) frankfurter sausages, mini salamis and meat snacks.

These casings offer the following benefits:

  • optimum adaptation to the use of machinery (the finished product is always consistent in terms of its diameter and firmness)
  • superior productivity and profitability (less downtime; increased filling and production speed compared to natural casings)
  • lower labour costs (fewer manual workers required)
  • optimum presentation of the finished product thanks to the uniformity of the casing
  • consumers like them

Collagen film is a very thin layer of collagen supplied in rolls of various lengths or in sheets pre-cut to size.

> EDICOL® T tubular collagen casing (EDIBLE)

This thin collagen film is supplied in a world-exclusive tubular format, pre-shirred and ready for use. It is used for raw or cooked products, packed in netting or tied, and is special because it dissolves completely when heated (cooked) or binds completely to the meat in the case of raw products.

It meets all legal standards for foodstuffs.

> Special single-layer tubular casings

Polyamide materials that are totally impermeable to smoke and steam. Generally used for products demanding a cylindrical shape or other format (using special moulds in the latter case), such as:

  • in the meat industry: cooked products that do not require smoking (“Lyoner” sausage and variations, pâté, ham cooked in moulds and regenerated, and mortadella)
  • for stretched processed cheeses
  • for the production of organic and wholemeal food products
  • for semi-processed food products, and when a specific product shape is required in general (sliced cooked sausages, meat or other stuffing for pasta manufacturers, processed cheese, stuffing for pasta, maize polenta, gnocchi alla romana, lard etc)
  • for industrial use in-house (when the tubular casing is used during production before being removed).

> Special multilayer tubular casings

Casings made from special polymers (three or five layers) made up into a permeable or impermeable tubular format.
Special tubular casings are available for smoking.
Available in size 50 to size 120, coloured, shirred, clipped or tied to size, in rolls or skeins, with the option of printing in up to 6 colours.

They differ to single layer tubular casings on account of the following specifications:

  • shrinking capacity
  • superior mechanical resistance and optimum adaptation to the use of machinery
  • no weight loss
  • maximum conservation of the product even without vacuum packing with the special opaque version
  • can be sterilized
  • casing peels away perfectly
  • glossy casing

They meet all European legal standards for materials coming into contact with foodstuffs.

> Textile casings

Materials made using a textile base and an acrylic coating, in a cylindrical shape, available in sizes ranging from 43mm to 120mm in various lengths and shapes
The standard range of colours includes cream, yellow, brown, black and “mottled” prints. Other colours are available on request. The casing can be printed (including logos) in up to 6 colours with excellent results.
Casings printed with special subjects are always in stock, such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter.

Excellent for raw or cooked products.

> Active casings for transferring colour/aroma and smoke flavour

Multilayer tubular casings made from inedible polymers with a “zero weight loss” barrier effect, and an internal coating designed to release colour, aroma and smoke flavour.
Available in shirred sticks or bound sheets (to size) in sizes ranging from 37mm to 200mm.
Ideal for cooked sausages, semi-processed industrial food products, fish (fish carpaccio for slicing), and stretched cheese.

Fesa di tacchino con trasferimento paprika
Fesa di tacchino con trasferimento paprika
Petto di pollo all'aceto balsamico
Petto di pollo all'aceto balsamico
Rollè di pollo alle erbe con trasferimento caramello
Rollè di pollo alle erbe con trasferimento caramello
Coppa di Testa In Budello A Base Tessile
Coppa di Testa In Budello A Base Tessile
Coppa di Testa In Budello A Base Tessile
Coppa di Testa In Budello A Base Tessile